Makeup & Skin


Simple Application35+
The simplest touch-up application
Full Application55+


Eyebrow Tint10+


Certified Organic Radiance Face Refresher 30 Min +60
Everyone desires skin that looks fresh and glowing. Intelligent nutrients 30-minute treatment offers guests a complete nutritional treatment leaving skin with a radiant afterglow.
Enjoy the benefits of nourishing your skin to obtain a healthy luminescence. The 30 min treatment consists of a deep cleaning, mild exfoliation and a serious supply of antioxidants all of which help to balance, reduce inflammation, hydrate and tone, allowing your skins natural light to shine.
Certified Organic Cellular Renewal Enhancer 60 Min 125+
Stressed, tired, dull, dry and damaged skin is a universal problem. This Intelligent Nutrient 60-minute treatment gives back that resilient glow and vitality to the skin. Seed synergized amplified antioxidant, and powerful active marine ingredients combined with revolutionary science extract stem cells to help restore elasticity, plump, firm, refine lines, fade hyperpigmentation, and brighten the skin.
At the heart of every I-N formula, its intoxicating aroma contains multitudes of benefits for the body, mind, and spirt. Each inimitable blend of pure, potent, unadulterated, and certified organic essential oils and flavors is masterfully crafted to provide active benefits as well as a sensory experience.