The meaning behind the name Unité (un.ni.tay) is the French word for Oneness, Atelier (a.te.lje) is a workshop or studio, especially one used by an artist or designer.


Reinventing the industry standard OUR way by creating beauty based on the individuality and authenticity of each guest, through creative innovation, inspiration and compassion.


Unité was created as a space in which everyone can relax, de-stress and just enjoy the pleasure of work, friendship and community. All of our services start with a consultation that helps us discover and customize your unique look. Our technical design team continually attends training to stay proficient in their respective crafts. All the products that we use and sell come from companies that ethically source the ingredients, do not test on animals and use as much organically grown, raw materials as possible. Most are transitioning to, or have already become completely vegan.