Your experience begins with a customized consultation balancing face shape, features, and skin tone with the perfect haircut. Experience a Unité signature scalp, neck and shoulder massage followed by a shampoo, cut and styling lesson for at-home ease. A hair service at Unité does more than change or alter the length of your hair. It adds dimension, movement and expression. Please allow 60 minutes for this service. 


Shampoo and finished style. Includes a head, shoulder and neck massage. Please allow 60 minutes for this service.

Men’s Haircut45+
Women’s Haircut65+


Standard Blowout38+
Price subject to change based on length of hair and time allotted for the service.


Price for any treatment subject to change based on length of hair and time allotted for the service. Styling is an add-on charge if conditioning is not part of an existing service.

Deep Condition (w/ service)15+
Davines Deep Conditioning Masks 28+
Can be customized for your specific Hair & Scalp concerns. Price includes take home product for continued home care. This service is done as an add on to existing service.
Yumi Spa Treatment (add on to any deep conditioning treatment). 35+
This treatment uses The Yumi Spa Mist Treatment Processor and can be paired with any treatment service to elevate the experience to a totally new level.
At the forefront of hair care innovation. Spa Mist utilizes ultrasonic technology to generate a microscopic mist that deep cleanses the scalp. Removes debris, and unclogs each pore. This process allows each root to thrive, promoting exceptionally healthy hair growth and incomparable condition.
Additionally, Spa Mist enhances the effect of conditioning treatments and hair color by opening layers at a very low temperate, without dilution, before accelerating the cooling process to lock treatment ingredients and acid hair dye pigments deep inside the hair. The result. Enhanced hair condition and more vibrant, glossy, and durable hair color.
EUFORA Pro Treatment30+
Three unique customizable treatments that instantly address and restore health, vibrancy, manageability, elasticity and vitality to hair and scalp.
Rapid Repair
    Treatment booster for damaged, dry, and over processed hair.
    Strengthens and repair structure damage, reduces breakage.
    Dramatically improves elasticity, stand density and manageability.
    Boosts moisture for long-lasting shine and a silky texture.
    Infused with Triglycerides to repair the hair’s surface, and Beet Root Extract to retain moisture and enhance shine.

Frizz Control
    Treatment booster for all hair types to fight frizz and enhance shine.
    Promotes maximum and long-lasting frizz control and reduction.
    Increases hair health and tensile strength.
    Creates a lipid barrier to retain moisture, smooth the cuticle, and enhance shine.
    Infused with Arginine to strengthen hair and increase moisture retention, and Aspartic Acid to repair and smooth the cuticle layer

Scalp Remedy
    Treatment for dry and irritated scalp Dramatically alleviates irritation caused by scalp conditions.
    Clears and nourishes hair follicles to promote optimum scalp health. Provides long-lasting relief for dry and itchy scalp.
    Infused with Sugar Cane, lemon, Apple and Camellia Sensis Leaf Extracts rich in antioxidants, iron, calcium, and other electrolytes to boost natural protein levels, and protect skin from free radicals.

All These services are finished off with a Sealant Treatment Lock

    Ensures longevity of all PROTREATMENT services.
    Improves combability and shine.
    Shields hair against surfactants and environmental stressors. Improves oxidative and non-oxidative color retention and vibrancy
    Leaves hair supple and smooth.